Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Remember a few weeks back I was saying that the Black Box tradeshow was rad and ASR was kinda crappy, well I guess Volcom disagree and had a massive mini ramp at ASR this year, the skating is rad, watch out for some of 5Boros Dan Pensyl, Louie Lopez crooks, Justin Brock being alive and general floaty skateboarding!
Some of the Reskue squad are off to the Flip premier this friday in London, as I have always said we WILL do a local premier, but I assume in an attempt to stop piracy Flip are not giving out any copies for premiers until they are available to buy. So we should have a premier around the 15th of October and you will be able to buy the DVD that night too. More information on this will be up soon, i'll make sure you all know thats for sure!

There has already been the Flip premier in the U.S. and reports are that Bob absolutely kills the mega ramp and David Gonzalez part is ridiculous.
I'm still looking forward to Rowley, Glifberg and Luans part the most, Luans steez is ridiculous.

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