Monday, 14 September 2009

Good Times! and S.O.T.Y.

This weekend was pretty good for skateboarding in Southampton, first of all Ricardo and Dean Jones put on a little jam at Romsey which seemed to be pretty well received, word on the streets is that Greg blunt fakied the Wallride, Churchills brother Paul was rock and roll sliding it, Ricardo was doing inverted 360's over the jump box, Taters was bigspin flipping the driveway, and Tim Bartelot was close to a mayday on the Wallride! Some pretty sick skating considering it was definitely more based on fun than competition! Ollie Allen who designed the T shirt with my handsome face on took some photos and they are up on Facebook.

Then last night saw the premier of Andy Evans latest venture Heel Toe Magic, there was only a few days notice and it was a Sunday but there was still a few heads there and everyone seemed to enjoy the video, Raemers section is rad and Greg has a full section. The video will be for sale in a couple of weeks.

There has been a lot of talk recently on Skater Of The Year, maybe its just me but people seem to pay a lot more attention to it these days, the Fact Silas won last year took a few people by surprise, but it is Thrasher SOTY so a lot of sway goes into what the skater has done for the magazine (Interviews, Photos, etc) so although everyone is saying Busenitz should get it its looking slightly doubtful, unless he shoots a bunch of photos for Thrasher in the very near future!

Malto is a definite candidate, he has been slaying it all year! He deserves something just for the Noseblunt then back Noseblunt line, but that was in a Transworld vid!

A pretty likely candidate is Grant Taylor, he is only a rookie but his part in Mindfield was amazing, and he quickly followed it up with an amazing part in Debacle too:

He has also had a load of stuff in Thrasher so its looking pretty good for him.
There is also talk of David Gravette, but personally I don't think doing 100's of fifty fifties makes you one of the best skaters in the world, i'm not saying he isn't rad, because he is! But he is definitely lacking on the tech side of things, maybe he'll come through with an amazing part for the Thrasher video and i'll eat my words but I don't think his trick bag is deep enough to be a SOTY.
Taylor FTW!

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