Friday, 11 September 2009


The slackness in updates has been appalling lately, apologies!
I have been updating our Facebook on the regular, as well as our Twitter.
Here are all the updates I have posted, plus a few more for good measure!

First of all Kurt Winter has a ten tricks:

More kurt-winter Skateboarding >>

Here is an extra one with Shaun Currie too:

More 10-tricks Skateboarding >>

Then Jimmy Carlin had a sick flatground section over at Black Box, Curt can bust a few of these tricks but you'll have to wait for 6:57.

More jimmy-carlin Skateboarding >>

Then Geoff Rowley had a sick First Try Fridays over at the Berrics.

Then there was a really, really, good skate and create. Basically a few different teams have the chance to create whatever they like in a warehouse over a certain time period and make an edit, Etnies won, basically just with Malto alone! That kid is killing it, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if a Skater Of The Year trophy finds its way into his hands soon!
A lot of people were saying they liked the D.C. one but I think the DVS and Etnies ones were the bangers, Circa was pretty rad too tho.

Then I put up a vid of the almosts from the Wallenberg comp, the straight nollie would have been sick!

Then to go with this vid I posted one of Kevin Romar, who was close to blowing minds with this ridiculous back 3 nollie down Wallenberg. I still have heard kids saying they would give the stairs a go so let me re-iterate: they are 22ft long! That is huge!

Then I posted this old vid of one of my favourite personalities in skating, Butteryass Donovan! The reason for the post was we were selling Grape soda, but I sold a crate in 48hrs! More coming soon!

Then Nick Mclouth got recruited into the Berrics, the level of skating is sick, and Nick is another person on the ever growing Stereo team!

Then I posted this vid of the Flip team skating some parks, I don't really need to say they kill it, if you don't know how good the Flip team is there really is no hope for you!

Then we got the new Jak Pietryga pro model in, so here is a few vids of him:

More jak-pietryga Skateboarding >>

Here is Jaks 360 flip record:

More hold Skateboarding >>

Then more recently there was a comp at the Crossroads retail show at Black Box, if you are retarded then I will need to tell you that a retail show basically consists of a bunch of stands from different companies, showing future products to shop owners to pre order. There used to be a huge show called ASR but it was basically run by idiots and they charged a whole bunch of money for stands, so Jamie Thomas has opened up the Black Box warehouse for his own trade show. This means that Jamie is allowing other companies to get sales, at his own warehouse! Jamie is really supporting skateboarding by doing this, and on the last day they all come together and have a big jam and best trick comp, here is the footage of the comp:

And thats pretty much it! I hope you haven't given up on the blog! We'll have a bunch of important announcements soon so stay tuned to Reskue!

Here is an extra bonus video for you:

Brad Cromer is sick, awesome style and good choice in tricks.

In fact while we are thinking of Krooked, here is the latest catalogue from Deluxe, it has a whole bunch of stuff, including vids, photos, and games! We'll have a bunch of Real, Anti Hero, Krooked and Spitfire stuff soon. Looking at the Real team has got me anticipating the Real vid even more! They have some of the best ams in skateboarding, and a sick pro team too, Torgy, Brock, Chima, James Hardy, all absolutely slay stuff on a skateboard! And they are all as core and down to earth as you can get, most of the Real team would much rather do a demo for some kids inspiring them to keep skating, than enter big corporate comps for jocks to watch on MTV.

Some video announcements are coming tomorrow!

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