Sunday, 1 February 2009

6:57 updates.

There is an update over at 6:57 of a bit of footage of the Reskue block getting some action from Paget and Pete Blackburn who has been skating really well lately.

I'm really looking forward to Robs video, and he seems to actually be getting footage so no Fully Flared setbacks are happening!

Tibs and Darren and some friends took a trip to Oxford yesterday so hopefully taters should have an edit up of that soon.

We also have new decks from Motive and restock of Harmony and Plan B decks, Harmony do really well for us and they have a new promo out too, £6 for almost an hour of skating and you get a Harmony sticker pack as well! The skating is pretty rad, however Don Brider wants to have a word with Joe Gavin about his no Complies!

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