Thursday, 19 February 2009

I miss Love Park

I have never been there and it is entirely possible the new generation of skaters haven't even heard of it, but Love park in Philidelphia was rad, the central part of the Philly and therefore East Coast scene from the mid nineties up to the early millenium.
And HERE is an edit with two of the best locals Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis, they were absolutely killing it back then and both cemented themselves into my favourite skaters list, the pop of Stevie and steez of Kalis are both amazing, have a look at the footage and if you have never seen Stevie skate before quickly try and decide which stance he is!

Strangely i got a Stevie williams deck in yesterday as well as restock of Karma, Harmony and Plan B decks.

We still have a bunch of City decks in all different sizes for just £40, which considering boards are going up to £55 all over the place is a pretty sweet deal, if you are as ignorant as Ranny you might not have seen much of City, that Bachinsky guy who kickflipped 20 stairs, hes on em, and Jimmy Cao who was stupidly consistent in Battle At The Berrics, him too.

The boards are rad, In fact I am putting a personal guarantee that they will not snap if you try a kickflip down 20 stairs, if you do snap a City deck doing this just bring in the footage of the attempt and I will give you a new deck for free! Can't say fairer than that!

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