Sunday, 22 February 2009


So a few of us got up at 7 am and headed down to kings park to try and film a few bits, turns out we thought spring had come earlier than it does and it was still pretty dewy, it was the first time I have skated in the daytime in about four months though so i'm not complaining, i'll keep the minimal footage we have for a future Kings Park webofsoap or something.

I'd hope I don't have to tell you to go look at the Berrics every weekend now, but just to recap for all the people that ask if there are new games up during the week: THERE IS ONE ON A SATURDAY, AND ONE ON A SUNDAY! And this weeks are bangers too!

On the subject of the Berrics maybe have a look HERE for a bit of insight into the place.

If you want to enter the Fourstar comp i'll leave it one more day, i've had a few more entries and i'll get them up in the next day.

And one more thing, i don't know if i already posted this but there are some offcuts of Jak Tongue up at 6:57, I didn't think backlips down rails could really be offcuts, but I guess Jaks just got it like that! The video should be rad.

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