Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Goings on

So I went to the Portsmouth Alien Workshop premier and missed the first half, was pretty gutted but what I saw was rad, I don't wanna give anything away so if you want to see it then come in on Thurs and get your copy, it'll be £20 but you get a book with it too so its well worth owning.

I went to London yesterday to order for Fall in Vans, Alphanumeric and LRG. Yep you read that right we are gonna be an LRG dealer very soon! I got an LRG promo too so i'll bring it in tomorrow for peeps to see.

Obviously London doesn't agree with me cos I now have flu, but i'm still here at Reskue ready to sell you skateboards, so be nice if you come in!

And finally we got some new Globes and they are pretty rad.

Only £39.99 too!

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