Friday, 27 February 2009

I am cooler than Kanye West

Secret Wars is a pretty cool concept, basically two artists get about ninety minutes to fill a huge white board each with just black markers and ink, then a couple of judges and the crowd vote on the best to determine who wins the battle.

Here at Reskue we have supported Secret Wars for a while, giving them some prizes in the last series, but I hadn't actually made it down to one. So I headed down to Soul Cellar last night and its definately worthy of your support, the atmosphere was really mellow with some good hip hop playing and I ended up being one of the judges.

It turns out that Secret Wars isn't as secret as you may think and recently Kanye West put it on his blog saying how cool it looked, and it looks like there is gonna be a UK vs US event on the horizon.
I'm stoked that Reskue can support Secret Wars, and if you are an artistic type you may have noticed we have started stocking Belton Molotow spray paint instore, art and skateboarding go together like cheese and crackers so it makes sense for us to cater for local artists.

On the skateboard front we should have whole bunch of Plan B, Harmony and Motive decks in today ready for the weekend, and if you are thinking of getting anything in the sale make it snappy because its finishing soon!

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