Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pancake day + Maloof comp

This has absolutely nothing to do with skateboarding.

But enjoy it anyway.

In a tiny bit of skate news the Maloof Money Cup will be back later in the year.
If you don't know what it is basically the Maloofs have a shed load of money, their sons think skateboarding is cool, so they make a massive concrete park and throw huge amounts of cash at top pros to kill themselves down massive rails, and then they destroy the huge concrete park after about a week when it could have been put somewhere as a permanant structure and made 1000's of people happy.

Bearing this in mind I thought you could make your own mind up about it with this handy little game!
Simply use these words and fill in the blanks.

awesome, corny, stupid, sick, crappy, exploitative, dumb, Judges, amazing, rad, red bull, massive, little, style, streets, chris cole, mike mo, mtv, raw, nyjah huston, p rod, maloof, j rog, koston, reynolds, carroll, reskue, disgusting, megapop, same-old, the berrics, car parks, skateparks, sheckler, naked, I, skating, watching, trademark.

I think the Money Cup is _______, ________ will probably win with his _______ _______ which is ______. I would rather watch _______ at ________ but what do ______ know, I prefer _______ ________.

Copy and paste this and change the blanks for any of the words above, send your entry to andy@reskue.co.uk and you can win some type of DVD, I have Traffic and Real ones in doubles so you can have one of them!

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nomad99 said...

I heard they recycled the whole thing and this year they are donating all the parts to local parks. Next year they'll be leaving the actual course though.


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