Monday, 5 May 2008


Flip have always been right on the money with picking up amazing skaters just before they blow up, but they have had a tough time of it lately, Shane Cross the Australian wonder kid unfortunately died in an motorcycle accident which Ali Boulala has now gone to jail for, and it has recently been announced that Arto Saari has left to join Alien Workshop.

However anyone who doesn't think the new Flip video is going to be anything short of amazing is underestimating one of the best teams out there, Flip have had some stick recently for having a "kiddy" team with a lot of very young team riders, but they know exactly what they are doing, and their ams which you may have seen very little of are seriously underated, check out Willow, there are too many amazing tricks in this part to talk about, but Joe Paget will love the 360 shove!

Also check out this vid of Tom Penny and David Gonzalez in Argentina, if only for the completely unexpected trick after Pennys mayday.

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