Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ultimate Slacker!

It has been almost a month since the last blog update! Possibly my slackest ever! But i'm gonna make up for it by giving you a bunch of videos and news:

I guess the most important thing that has gone down is the Something For The Weekend comp, there is a whole section on the website dedicated to it now but I still wanna say thanks to everyone that entered! The comp has grown every year and hopefully will continue to do so! We had a whole bunch of prizes this year which although isn't the point still makes it better! We ended up with a bunch of decks,shoes,tees,stickers etc from Real, Spitfire, Nike SB, Vans, 5Boro and Karma - these are the companies that wanted to support your comp, so they deserve your support back!
I was pretty overwhelmed when we had 30+ entries, but a bit gutted when people started pulling out after one half wet saturday! You guys needed to have some faith! The ones that did lapped up the Sunday, which was the nicest day of the year at that point!
The standard of skating this year was awesome too, some sick stuff went down by the winners Team Vent, and you could see a bunch of progresssion by all the kids that have entered in the past, but I was really stoked on Team 187, who I didn't really know and who managed to pretty much shut down the infamous West Quay road gap!

Loads of rad videos seem to be coming out soon, We just had Deathbowl to Downtown, a documentary on skateboarding in NYC which is awesome, and we should be having Beware Of Sasquatch soon with a full cory Kennedy section! As well as This Time Tomorrow with a full Jimmy Mcdonald section.

I'm looking forward to the Jimmy McDonald section, the guy kills it on a skateboard and reps 5Boro too!

And here is Reskue rider Jed Cullen getting gnar on the skatestopped rail at the guildhall!

In shop news we have the new Vans Rowley syle 99s in two colours, some new Abuze London clothing, a bunch of fresh new Stereo decks and wheels, some 5Boro decks, and we are pleased to announce that we are going to be a Carharrt stockist from tomorrow, with a full range of jeans, tees, jackets, belts, hats etc! Exciting times!


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