Thursday, 6 May 2010

Skateparks! DVDs! Metal!!

It seems like there are a bunch of rad parks popping up at the moment! Our friends down in Prime, Plymouths SOS have opened their own park and are having an opening jam this weekend, as well as a new park down in Taunton which looks pretty sick too!
Check out the Facebook events here: PRIME TAUNTON
As well as this there is a new park over in Gang Warily (near Hythe) which shockingly enough is pretty sick! We'll have a little edit of the Reskue squad there up soon.

We now have some fresh Carhartt clothing instore, as well as some Dickies, and a few Zero, Mystery and Slave decks have just turned up too!

You may have noticed the website has been having a mini overhaul, it is now wider, with a lot of products having smaller clickable pics so its easier for you to browse products, bangin!

Here are a few vids of some shredders to keep you inspired too:

The Beware Of Sasquatch and This Time Tomorrow DVDs we were expecting have now made it into the country! This bloomin volcanic ash was holding them up! But the videos are sick, and they will both only be £12 which is pretty rad!

One other thing that has happened is French has announced his own board company! The graphics as you would expect are sick, so if metal and 8+ boards are your thing, then this is your thing! We'll get some as soon as they are available, which should be the next few weeks!
If you like the Mosh you will like this to:

Tate mode getting the horns out while filming for the Reskue vid!

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