Friday, 21 May 2010

Stuff and stuff.

Shop wise we have had quite a bit of new stuff, restock on the Carhartt gear, including bigger sizes in all the jeans and shorts! We have had a whole bunch of Anti Hero, Krooked, Real, Thunder and Indy tees that are all 2 for £25! Easily the best deal around for tees, and only while stocks last so be quick! To go hand in hand with this we have the new series of Real decks, which feature a scratch off panel which can win you shoes, decks, tees and a bunch of other stuff, a pretty cool idea from Real! There is also a few decks from Krooked and Anti Hero too, all the DLX boards are really good shapes, and nice poppy wood, we recommend em!

Skate wise we have been visiting Gang Warily a lot, its real small but super smooth and pretty fun when people aren't sat on all the ramps! Here is a little edit made up of a few sessions there:

And here are a few more rad videos:
Erik Peterson off the new Sweets video, this guys rad!

Rumour mill has it Chima is turning pro soon, well desreved!

Pretty smooth steez from this guy:

Here is a video of Dylan Rieder, I posted it before but it was a link and I know you guys are too lazy to click links!

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