Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cruising towards a Wight Riot!

We have a whole bunch of Cruiser and Longboards in the shop for the good weather, including boards from Zoo York, Krooked, Creature, Landyachtz and Loaded, so maybe check them out if you are a smooth rolling type.
Those of us who prefer busting some moves might wanna check out some of these vids for some inspo:
This guys pretty G:

Nick Merlino is a bit of a killa:

You know I have love for 5Boro:

Some of these are brand new, but some I might have posted already, anyone that skates for DLX is a ripper and is worth a second look anyway:

This was a pretty rad comp that was actually held inside FTC, a shop in San Francisco:

Here is a demo at Skatelab a while back thats only just found its way to the tube:
And here is a Justin Brock vid, just cos Justin Brock is awesome:

And here is a bit of Jon Nguyen, nice clean steez:

If it is sunny later today we may even have the edit of Gang warily up for you tonight!
A few people have asked about some hype Reskue rider Darren Tate has been making about his video project: "Wight Riot" is an Isle Of White video featuring Darren, Frodo Bradbury and Blake Everitt, as well as some Isle Of Wight friends and cameos from Reskue riders, we will be having copies in the shop available to buy as soon as he gets them, it should be about £6, BANGIN!
The vid is short but sweet, and if you are a fan of twangers like Louie Barletta you'll be super stoked on Blakes section! I asked Darren if we could do a premier, but he replied "Southampton isn't on the Isle Of Wight!" so you'll have to hold your own premier! Start saving your 600 pennies!

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