Saturday, 15 May 2010

Simpel feels like ages ago! Reskue Remix video!

Unofficial Reskue photographer Ranny got some photos of me and Darren up at the uni the other week, and it made me realise that he never got to use his photos from Simpel Sessions, one sequence of Adrien Bulard doing his ridiculous tre got used in Sidewalk, but here are a few of the leftover photos of Adam and Paget, click on em to make them full size:
Adam - Tre flip tail grab

Adam - Hardflip

Joe Paget - 360 shove

Joe Paget - FS 360 shove

Joe Paget - Smith grind

And here are the photos we were actually getting:
Darren gets Mosher!

Fat old man - K Grind

Darren - Kickflip over rail

Unfortunately we didn't manage to film a K Grind, or the Mosher back board, before we got kicked out, just one of the reasons the mythical Reskue Remix video is taking so long!
One of the other reasons was the introduction of Cam to the team, Cam rules, and I want you guys to see this! When I put him on he said he had enough footage for two video parts, but needed to go through all his tapes to get it, this is taking a while! But once its done you can look forward to a full length Cam and Josh clark part! I tentatively say we'll have it ready for Reskues third birthday 27th June.

The Gang Warily edit is coming along ok too, we have had a bit of bad luck with the weather, combined with the fact the locals think the curved block is a bench and don't seem to have seen a video camera before, but its getting there! Tate Mode kills the place!


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