Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Barcelona is rad + some rad videos.

So the guys who went to Barcelona are back, Joe Paget, Josh Clark, Cam Butterworth, new addition Mike Halls and sticker flow Ray Ray all killed it out there! I was a bit worried that with a place like Barcelona that has been skated by pretty much all pros, that it would be hard to get tricks that weren't ABD years ago, but Paget came up trumps! We are now working on finishing off the edits for the Reskue video and HOPEFULLY it should be finished pretty soon! The trip inspired them all to get a last few tricks back here in the UK, so as long as it stops raining for a while we are pretty much done! For Photos of the trip check out our Facebook!

As well as this there have been a bunch of rad videos popping up in internet land, as well as the team trawling the web trying to find videos of some Barca spots, here are a few:

First Phil Zwijsen, I think I posted some of him before, but the guy kills it, speedy skateboarding always looks good!

The spot at the end of the last video is awesome, we all missioned out into the suburbs of Barca to find it, but I needed to catch a plane so it ended up with myself and Josh getting quick lines, but some of the stuff that has been done there is ridiculous!

Peter Watkins has just turned pro for Black Label, and is welcomed with this vid:

Peter Watkins Snake Life from Black Label Skateboards on Vimeo.

Plus the chaps at Witchcraft have been putting out videos of each team rider skating one of the new decks:

Witchcraft Skateboards - Second Coming - Jamie 'Arghh' Morley from Sam Bailey on Vimeo.

Witchcraft Skateboards - Second Coming - Sam Roberts from Sam Bailey on Vimeo.

Witchcraft Skateboards - Second Coming - Jake Snelling from Sam Bailey on Vimeo.

Aaron Herrington somehow has another part too?! I'm confused with all the footage this guy has, i'd be stoked if BLOOD WIZARD had a UK distributor!

In search of The Mongo Monster from Blood Wizard on Vimeo.

And here is Mystery rider Sascha Daley, he is filming for the new HD Mystery video and so all the VX footage that isn't HD got used for this Mag Minute, and its bangin!

Now go shred!

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