Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Vans Downtown Showdown,some street and the RESKUE VIDEO!

This is a wierd one, basically the companies involved have the chance to make an obstacle, and in skateboarder fashion they all try and outdo each other with the ridiculous gnarliness of each thing, the Zero contraption looks like its hungry for injuries, and the Foundation thing just looks like it wants to break legs, but somehow people get through it relatively unscathed! Having said that there are plenty of slams involved to!

As usual there hasn't been a post on here in a while, we are kinda going with the Facebook as it is on the front page of the website and you can comment etc, and we like to know what you think!

I hope by now you have all seen the Romsey jam video and the new trick tips, if not you can link from the Facebook box, but here are a few more videos for you too:

As usual I have been getting a lot of questions about the Reskue video, and also some kids asking if we are making one! Dunno where they have been for the past few years?!

Either way it is actually making progress, i'm well aware it keeps getting put back!

First because of Greg arriving with months worth of travel footage which I quickly made into a rad section!
Then Cam came back from New Zealand, went through about fifty tapes and has a strong section but wanted more, and has been killin it!
Then there is the fact that Josh and I very rarely get footage!
Darren finished off his section last night however, and with a trip to Barcelona coming up in two weeks time that is now the (supposed) deadline for Cam, Josh and myself!

We also have a couple of new team riders which already have some banging footage, but haven't put out a welcome clip and will let their (probably combo) section in the video do the talking! Jed is also pretty keen to film a bunch as he has been killing it lately, and thats about it, this could actually be happening!

The video was meant to be the Reskue Remix, taking a bunch of footage and remixing it into new parts just to show the new generation of skaters in Southampton what the squad have been up to, but now some people have all new sections, so we need a new name for the video! Let us know if you have any ideas!

In the mean time check out some offcut stuff of our filming missions:

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