Sunday, 26 October 2008


I have been looking at THIS today.
If you don't know Babycakes is a "clothing" company, (they don't actually seem to have any custom designed clothing just designs printed on tees) which for some reason loads of people have got into and the guy who owns it, according to rumour, is now a millionaire!
Here are some prize quotes from them/him:
"Babycakes was spawned by an orgy of glitter, flashing lights, icecream and electro pop." "All the employee’s, models and photographers at babycakes have amazing hair and perfect bone structure" "Babycakes has become its own kingdom, a land where popsicles fall from rainbows and people dance in submarines that float in outer space. What began as Paul’s bedroom project, his own personal escape from the mundane has now become a place for kids world wide to sparkle."
Clearly it is all highly original and not just a result of the emo/electro thing 14yr old girls seem to be into.
HOWEVER if this is where the money is I have decided to expand into a "clothing" line, using Reskue lunchtime lurker Ranny as the face (he has the best bone structure and currently works in Lush, so smells nice for the ladies)) so I am pleased to announce "Rannycakes" coming soon in the worst possible colours imaginable!

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Alex Hornsby said...

that 'clothing company' made me angry.


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