Thursday, 16 October 2008

Undercarriages and budget decks!

It seems that people prefer the idea of getting an undercarriage and a deck when getting a complete set-up, as it makes it easier to see the price, and saves you a bit of cash! So we are now doing undercarriages.
They are only available when you buy a deck, so you just choose your deck and an undercarriage and you are ready to roll!
currently instore only, but online soon!
Click to take a look at the deals:

We also have a Halloween special on the Blackmarket "Undead" decks, normally £29.99 they are £25 with grip! in three different sizes, instore only at the moment i'm afraid though web shoppers!
Combine one of the new budget undercarriages with a £25 Blackmarket deck and you have a complete set-up for £55!

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Darren Tate said...

wow! that poster is so professional! you must have such a good graphic design team!


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