Friday, 18 June 2010

Adidas and tings.

I've been slacking again, but that only means we've been busy here getting a bunch of new product out, and to be honest i'm not sure what news could top how good that SB demo is going to be!

We have had some new Nike SB Blazers in black with a grey tick, and some sick new Spitfire/Vans collabo Era pros, we should have some new Fallens arriving next week too, and will be getting new footwear far more regularly from now on hopefully, including Adidas Skateboarding! The July Adidas have already started to ship to U.S. stores, so should be arriving with us very soon, and i'm pretty excited about this, there is a rad new Silas Baxter Neal pro shoe, and some sweet Pete Eldridge superstars coming, Adidas have some timeless styles so having them in pro skaters colorways exclusive to skate shops is awesome! Check out the Adidas skateboarding website HERE! and save some pennies because they are all very limited edition and once they are gone, they are gone!

Here are a bunch of videos for you to catch up on, one for each day i've been slacking, apparently there is some sort of football competition on, but I think this is better:

A DGK demo, G fresh!

Here is a little 10 Deep video, there aint too much going on, but anything with Jamal Smith in is a winner, and New York just looks dope on video:

Here is a video of some of the Zero/Mystery team at KCDC in Brooklyn, that lil kids face when they go in pretty much sums up why skateboarding is amazing:

And here is some footy of them warming up at Maloof:

For those of you that don't have hours to look at the Maloof streamed stuff here are a few run down videos of the stuff that mattered:

Luis Tolentinos gap is ridiculous!

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