Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Damn Son!

My updates got slack as soon as they got good again! But as you know that means we have been busy here, real busy in fact! Which is rad! Glad lots of you have been getting back into skating with the good weather!

We are expecting our LRG to arrive any day now, along with some Nike SB Janoskis in black, and some Bruins.
Some fresh boards from Harmony and DGK should also be here tomorrow, and some Flip and Santa Cruz sale boards arriving Thurs/Friday.

We have had some rad visits from some homies in the last week, RX bandits played in Southampton, and they are all friends of Reskue lurker Matt Reynolds after his band supported them a few times, turns out the singers brother who was doing merch was on a flow for Furnace skate shop over in Seal Beach, and so skates with Johnny Layton and some Long Beach types over there, so we spent quite a while talking about all those guys. Speaking to skaters from different places is pretty much my favourite thing to do so that was rad! Here are some videos from his neck of the woods:

Kevin Romar is on the shop team:

Here is an old section from 411 that has some of the older Furnace team on:

Then my boy Mike Netley that does CASE magazine brought in his buddy Jimmy Levan, Jimmy is a bit of a legend in the BMX world, and while we are a skate shop you'd have to be a bit of a douche not to appreciate things like this:

Jimmy kills it!

Shop rider Joe Paget who unfortunately broke his wrist a month ago now while trying to get a photo for a First Light has been working on getting back to full strength, and should hopefully be back shredding in the next week or so, he was noticably absent from the Gang Warily edit so lets hope he gets back on it and starts repping Zoo York and Thunder, and gets a photo for Sidewalk! The sequence he has is sickness, so get back on getting a still Joe!

Speaking of Zoo york they put out a little video of some of their flow kids, and its really really good! It took me by surprise a bit to be honest! Kevin Tierney is sick!

One video that has been getting a lot of love on the internetz is this one:

I have said it before and i'll say it again, going high and fast can never go out of style - it will always look good!

This video has nothing to do with anything other than I think Pat Burke is rad!

Actually it does have some relevence, we should be getting some Slave boards this week, in nice big sizes too!

So as well as the DGK, Harmony, Santa Cruz, and Flip boards you'll have Slave, Zero, Stereo and Witchcraft too, damn thats a lot of skateboards!

Here is your daily nothing to do with anything we sell but is rad anyway video:

I'm sure he'll be fully on a rad company soon!


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