Friday, 18 June 2010

Skate parks!

So the new Gang Warily (prounounced ware-ill-ee dummys) park has been getting a lot of love, everyone is surprised by how small it is, but the space is used pretty well, you should have already seen my edit of the place:

But Reskue friend Nick did a bit of filming the other day and made another edit with a few more of the Reskue squad including the illusive Jed Cullen!:

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You may have heard if you have been following the 7 Southern Districts park that it is looking like it will now be in Andover, which isn't so bad, its about half an hour drive from Southampton. Marc Churchills ideas for the park sound awesome, and it is still a possibility that we will have a Reskue in there too! They are having a jam/BBQ thing at the current Andover park site HERE is the Facebook event, invite all your mates!

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