Friday, 11 June 2010

Help Me!

So there are a whole bunch of new skaters about, this is awesome! Good weather always brings people out of retirement or starts kids off with skating, but heand in hand with this I have had loads of kids ask me how to do tricks lately, obviously there is only so much I can show being insside a shop! So I have decided we are gonna do some trick tips videos, Darren, Greg, Cam, Josh and Joe have all agreed to show you some tricks, so I thought we'd start it off with the good old ollie, so here is Darren giving you some pointers:

If there is anything in particular you wanna learn then just let us know! Next one coming very soon!

I'm, pleased to say we have had a whole bunch of new hardware instore, including the first Witchcraft boards, all of which are 8"+ and on DLX wood so really good quality! As well as these we also have some Crayon ltd edition boards, including a Pete Fowler design and Super Furry Animals collab deck! Couple this with restock of the Real Lotto decks, Krooked price point decks and Stereo decks and there is heck of a lot of choice instore at the moment!

Cam in his 50 tape delving has made a little edit of an abingdon session from a while back, check out Cam and Joshy as well as Reskue lurker Dan Lilley.

Here is a bit more footage from them too:

People have been getting pretty hyped on this Habitat video, its basically a look back at a lot of their old footage as well as a bunch of new footage too. Habitat have a bunch of rad skaters on the team, and have had some awesome guys on them in the past too!

Here is some footage of the Slave team from Thrasher:

The Slave video has been on repeat instore recently, Pat Burke is quickly becoming one of my favourite skaters.

Here is some of the ProTec pool party too:

Alex Perelson kills it!

Lastly City have merged with Think and created a pretty awesome team of shredders, and put out this little promo, Lee Yankou kills it in this, the last crook is insane:

Here is his part from Sus Monts:

And his mag minute:

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