Sunday, 16 November 2008

Dennis Busenitz...

... is sick, here is some footage of him on a mini and here is some footage from the recent Make a Wish jam, take a look at the other footage too, and remember that is Reals throwaway stuff! The actual vid is gonna be ridiculous! It should be out next year, couple that with the Workshop and Flip vids and 09 looks like its gonna be a good year for skateboarding!

Also a few people have asked if we are doing the "Something for the weekend" comp again, and yes we are, the plan is to do it every spring and then a park comp in the summer, we didn't have our own park comp this year cos we supported FOUR other comps in the city but if you have a preference as to where we should do it next year let us know! We should also have a few demos and a bowl comp at Eastleigh too.

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