Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Mystery promo!

There is a new Mystery promo up on their site, its really good too, and a lot longer than I was expecting! And a few guys that shop in Reskue helped get it made too, it was the guys that buy Mystery boards! If you buy companies boards then some of the money goes back to the company to pay the pro's, pay for trips, pay for filmers, pay for web space! Everything needs paying for and its only because of skaters buying the boards they can do it, its obvious really, but remember that when you buy a cheap board from companies that have no team, in a shop that isn't a true skate shop then you aren't supporting skateboarding, so you know where the extra cost is going on a pro board and if you like a certain skaters board then get it! If we don't have it we can always try and order it too!

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