Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Apologies there haven't been any updates in a few days, but the Plan B and Globe promos were more than enough for a while i'd say! Here is a bit of footage shot by Taters of some of his Isle of Wight friends on a trip to Revolutionz.

I'm putting together a remix video of all the Reskue team and if everyone gives me the footage like they said I should have it done and ready to sell in about 3 weeks, there will be full sections from: Marc Churchill, Greg Nowik and Jed Cullen, Mark Tidbury, Andy MacIntosh, Josh Clark, Curt Jarman, Darren Tate and Joe Paget.
It won't be all new footage but rather a remix of all offcuts, unused footage, web edits and old video parts we have, trim it all down and everyone should have a good section, with a bit of new footage too, we even street skated last night! Check the Reyno!

And here is a photo of Tibs doing a frontside grind into the deep end at Eastliegh bowl, if you have been there you know this is gnar, if you haven't, this is gnar.

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