Sunday, 23 November 2008

Zero Decks

The aftershock of how good the Fallen video is seems to have come through, cos we have sold more Zero boards than usual recently, which is good, all Black boards (Zero, Mystery and $lave) are real nice, my last few boards have been Zero or $lave and they have recently introduced new Duraslick decks.
Slicks were popular for a couple of years in the mid nineties, they basically had a sheet of plastic glued on the bottom of the deck and it kept slides long and consistent, supposedly they were stronger but they lost pop really quickly and got a dull thud instead of a nice pop when you hit your tail, but Jamie Thomas team have done a bit of research and come back with the slick idea with a much thinner sheet bonded to the deck that keeps the decks pop and adds strength, the decks will retail at £59.99 and if they last one sixth longer than a normal board then you are spending the same as a regular pro board and if they last longer than that then you are saving money! And with christmas coming up now might be the time to ask for one! We will have some in the next week or so.

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