Sunday, 2 November 2008


I have some good links for you today, first up the latest United By Fate from Globe. AND the new promo from Plan B! (click the multicoloured thing on the left)
A few years back you would never get this much footage for free, so it is worth supporting these companies so they can keep making videos!

Ok I hadn't actually watched them before I posted those links, but having just watched the Plan B one i'm kinda shocked, the skating is so good and it actually really made me want to go skating, maybe because of the lack of Robbie Williams! While a lot of people think Shecklers a douch his skating is undeniably good, his kickflip is double head height! the Danny Way footage is stupid and the Colin Mckay footage reminded me just how good he is, and this was all footage they aren't keeping for the actual video, only two years to wait!

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